How it Works

SupervisorABA allows you to create a supervision experience based on the individualized needs of each of your trainees.

All Access

Access all your supervision forms on the My Trainees page and see how many task list items have been mastered for each trainee with one view. Add trainees on this page and provide their unique logins to them so that they can see the assignments, projects, and readings you have selected.


Customized Activities

For the desired content area, select from an array of state-of-the-art activities with suggested readings for each item on the task list.


Customized Documentation

Generate a form detailing the selected activities and readings, which your trainee will be able to see and interact with. Continue to document progress and provide feedback here throughout the supervision period.


Culminating Projects

Choose from a bank of projects to evaluate your trainee's mastery of combinations of related task list items.


Task Completion Tracker

Easily view your trainee's progress across all content areas.


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